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About Alcohol & Drug Dependence

Bridgeway Institute offers a very unique approach to help you conquer your Addiction. Unlike traditional alcohol and drug treatment programs, we approach chemical dependency from a holistic perspective. Utilizing an advanced delivery of IV NAD, UVLRx, Infarred Sauna, mHBOT, we aim to detox and restore the body at a cellular level.

Our staff is trained to provide support, comfort, compassion and education to the patient and their support system.

You are Worthy of Life in Abundance!

Upon completion of your treatment you will receive a continual care plan specific to your needs to promote a successful reorientation into a wellness/recovery lifestyle.

Feel better to Live better.

For individual suffering from chemical dependency, drug or alcohol addiction our treatment continues to prove (what we consider) the most effective regimen on the market. The science is sound and the results are extraordinary!  Patients continue to report freedom from their addiction within 8-15 days of having received our proprietary treatment. Our patients continue to report:

  • Minimized withdrawal symptoms
  • Minimized length of time suffering from withdrawal
  • Elimination of cravings associated with drugs of choice
  • Increased cognitive awareness
  • Boosting energy, focus and mental clarity
  • Detoxification at the cellular level