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A Message from the Co-Founder

Thank you for your interest in Bridgeway Institute. As a nurse and a naturopath, it is my vision to share wellness with the world. About 8 years ago, I met an amazing couple who gave me an opportunity to step outside the practice of traditional nursing/medicine and into a haven called Springfield Wellness Center. An environment where love and compassion meet science. There, alongside Dr. Mestayer, I had the opportunity to administer NAD treatment to over 1000 patients that were suffering from addiction, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, anxiety, and depression. After all these years my view of NAD still remains the same: NAD is beyond AMAZING! In 2016, David Cahoon (Founder) blessed me with the opportunity to bring NAD to the east coast and open Bridgeway Institute, A Premier NAD Center. What makes us different? Just like everyone else we center our practice around the delivery of NAD, but to enhance the process, Bridgeway utilizes synergistic modalities of treatment that optimize the results and restore vibrant health! UVLRx, mHBOT, far Infared Sauna, massage therapy, life coaching, counseling, and other nutritional infusions all delivered in a comfortable, nonjudgmental, compassionate environment. Our goal, is to position you to cross that bridge into harmonious balance of body, mind, and sprit.



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